Helping out in the Covid crisis

Students seeking asylum are having a really hard time during the Covid19 crisis. 

Like so many Australians, lots have lost their casual jobs, but unlike so many Australians, they have been denied access to social security: no JobKeeper,  no JobSeeker, no Coronavirus supplement. No Centrelink. Despite most having lived here for at least seven years, many of our members feel unseen and are under even more extreme stress than the general community at this time. Covid19 has thrown them into extreme risk of destitution and their rare and hard-won opportunities provided by universities are at risk of being wasted. 

In March, we swung into action to source food through some key partners. We initially thought this work would be needed for 10 weeks. Since then have delivered supplies every week to 20 households of over 60 people, to students from both Monash and Victoria universities. We have been able to do this because of donations from many individuals, but we will run out of funds soon. Far from this crisis being over, the need of students seeking asylum is increasing and we aim to be there while asylum-seeker students in Melbourne need our support. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP GOING. Please check out our Pozible campaign below.



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