An emerging social enterprise

HOPE is dedicated to making a lasting impact through raising awareness, building capacity and generating income by and for our members. 

Our worker-members have a wide range of skills, languages, qualifications and experience, We are a uniquely resourced group of people with lived experience of Australia's immigration policy impacts, tertiary qualifications and university level English skills. 

Collectively, we have lots to offer educational institutions, research, government and the community sector. 

We bring a global perspective, strong cross-cultural skills, multiple languages and knowledge of the needs of new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. We are young leaders within communities that government and other service organisations often find hard to connect with. 


Workplace Training Workshops

  • Staff cross-cultural awareness workshops, co-designed to suit your industry and your workplace culture needs

  • Temporary protection and asylum-seeker visa conditions: up-to-date information and training sessions on context, needs and appropriate workplace responses.

  • Developing trauma-informed and/or culturally inclusive staff understanding and workplace practices.


Business, government, community workplace
diversity and inclusion

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Annual packages or occasional advice

HOPE Co-Op consultants can advise on and/or deliver staff development, inclusion and cross-cultural skill development programs. Email us to arrange a conversation:


for staff or students of asylum-seeking background

Hope Co-Op is experienced in providing wrap-around support of people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary protection. Our support packages offer:

  • comprehensive phone and face-to-face support access

  • a trauma-informed and community-embedded, relationship-based approach

  • access to native speakers of Dari, Tamil, Hazaragi, Pashto, Kurdish, Farsi, PNG pidgin, and Arabic.


Looking after our environment

We offer basic garden maintenance services, with an environmentally friendly awareness and commitment. We currently service shared areas in CBD apartment blocks, and can collaborate with our Earthworker partner co-operative, Redgum Cleaning, to give you full wrap-around property services. 

Email us to arrange a discussion of how HOPE can help meet you or your organisation's gardening needs:


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ABN: 33 219 901 036

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